Tamakichi Anaru  

Very extreme Japanese movie-maker that seems to only be interested in showing women being mutilated and killed in very graphic ways. Doesn't even bother with plots. He is not as single-minded as Merzbow/Kikaku however in that he does give his victims some character and a context. Reviewed until 2016.


Psycho: The Snuff Reels (AKA Tumbling Doll of Flesh AKA Miku Daruma)  
Another Guinea Pig follower, this one using Flowers of Flesh & Blood as a model only with hardcore pixelated pornography. Three men and a woman get together to make a porn movie, then some S&M. When she gets tired of the harsh treatment and tries to leave, they knock her out, start chopping her up one piece at a time (while raping her), then disembowel her. End of vile movie.

Suicide Dolls  
Three women kill themselves in front of a voyeuristic camera that catches their last moments. One shoots herself out of boredom, the other hangs herself, and the third commits ritual Seppuku and gouges out her eyeball in gory detail for a camera crew. The ending attempts to make some kind of obscure metaphor with some animated violent dolls.

Women's Flesh (AKA Hungry Mouth)  
Basically a twisted porn movie that only shows stomach-churning scenes of women mutilating themselves. They stab their genitals with a toothbrush, bite off their own fingers, chew on their own intestines, etc. Very extreme and pointless, vile stuff. Only listed here for completion's sake.

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