Alex Chandon  

Another underground film-maker, this time from England, who happens to be a fan of campy splatter and extreme music. His horror and gore has a harder, grittier, and more down-to-earth edge that the British do so well, sometimes blending camp and humor into the violence without losing its nasty edge.

Of Some Interest

Cradle of Fear  
Four horror stories wrapped in a fifth that go on for way too long. The main story revolves around an evil man in a mental ward that controls a demon (Dani Filth) on the outside who kills on command. The people he kills make up the four stories (of which only the last two are entertaining). After a metal concert, a goth girl goes home with this demon for some cheap sex only to be sexually initiated into some kind of cult and impregnated with the demon's offspring. Lesbians break into a house to steal money but find more than they bargained for. A nasty man with a missing leg chops off his friend's leg and grafts it onto his own with dire consequences. And finally, a man gets obsessed over violence and snuff, but when pursuing a live snuff room on the internet ('choose your weapon and body part'), he gets himself in trouble. Extreme splatter with great gore effects, lots of nudity, mediocre acting, and only mildly entertaining.

A ten year hiatus is a long time in the horror genre. Just think of all the changes the horror genre went through since Chandon last made a movie. This one is very unoriginal in its concept, but quite inventive and colorful in its execution. As the title suggests, this is backwoods horror with some black humor, Chandon style, that brings to mind a horror version of League of Gentlemen. Some social workers trying to rehabilitate four juvenile criminals travel to a remote country village to strip down derelict train cars. They encounter a village full of inbred freaks that range from kids that torture people, to men with bad teeth and hair that tape animal heads onto their porn mags, a pervert that sexually abuses his victims with vegetables, and many more. There's a show put on in a barn for a group of inbreds that is so demented it feels surreal, and the utterly nihilistic, colorful and filthy brutality brings to mind Devil's Rejects. One nasty death involves the use of a manure spreader. Flaws include some really stupid scenes where they abandon a vehicle for no good reason, or the really obvious one where a victim can obviously escape but doesn't. The violence and gore are particularly brutal, and the balance between sadism and comedy definitely leans heavily towards the former. Good only for a limited audience that likes this sort of stuff.


Bad Karma  
A splatter short featuring shape-shifting monsters that dress up as Hari Krishna missionaries and go door-to-door carving up the occupants in a wild splatter-fest. They may have bitten off more than they can chew though when they made enemies of rednecks with machine guns and S&M freaks with whips, anal chainsaws and leather outfits. This campy, home-made splatter movie has the feel of a labor of love but the cheap effects and acting make Troma look professional.

Another campy, home-made splatter-short about a chaotic future where they find a cure for AIDS with mutating zombifying side-effects, and the company that sells the drug does anything to hide the negative findings. A man gets caught in the middle, thugs kill his family and drill into his head, but he survives with a psychotic need for violence. While gangs go on a rampage, slashing heads and macheting people's anuses, mutant zombies eat little kids and make use of monster penises. Energetically chaotic gore with buckets of blood, pus, and bad acting.

An attempt to revive the British sex comedy with over-the-top madness. Watching this one is like getting your head banged around for an hour. It's not funny or sexy, just a bewildering mess. The convoluted plot involves a tyrant queen of Condon that kills history, decapitates priests and smothers perversions while shooting deformed babies out of a tube attached to her aging body, a magic elixir that the queen and others depend on, an underground pervert cult, Amazonian priestesses with magic seeds coming out of their foreheads, aboriginal surfers, and Pervirella, a nymphomaniac so powerful, she makes her lovers explode into pieces. The sets, costumes, colors and silly voices use every style known to man, and they travel in cheap toys that fly through the air hanging on strings. My kingdom for an aspirin.

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