Larry Clark  

A pervert, seemingly fixated on moral decline in modern youth, using his camera for shameless voyeuristic purposes. He repetitively portrays teenagers (often local skater boys in different locations) using lots of gratuitous graphic sex and nudity with blatant zoom-ins, as well as violence, amorality and apathy. Grew less realistic with every movie for a while, exploring his fantasies of extreme teenage abandon and depravity, then dialed the extremism down (Wassup Rockers and Marfa Girl) but still focused on voyeuristic teenage sex with non-existent or boring, and obviously secondary, cardboard plots. Reviewed until 2016.

Of Some Interest

Horrifying, bleak portrait of spoiled teenage kids with empty, self-centered lives and a total lack of discipline, whose lives revolve around cheap, self-serving sex, drugs and skateboarding. One disgusting kid manipulates 14 year old girls to let him de-virginize them, another rapes a girl while she's passed out, a group beat up a guy almost to death and dismiss it as fun, most of them brag filthily about their sexual adventures or fantasies, 13 year olds smoke pot, and most of the slut girls aren't much better either. The plot revolves around a girl who finds out she got AIDS from this jerk and tries to stop him before he seduces another 13 year old. This may have been hailed as a wake-up call for kids but the endless explicit scenes and lack of a moral focus expose the director's real intentions. And anyone who thinks this portrayal isn't realistic simply hasn't met these kids yet.


Another collection of amoral kids that never heard of the terms discipline, parental guidance or even morals. These kids are bullied by a jerk so repulsive, he makes them look like angels. He pimps his male friends to old men, rapes girls, and whimsically beats up friends. A group of teenagers get together to decide on how to get rid of him... Lots of gratuitous and explicit teen sex, whimsical murder and self-serving amorality, extreme repulsive stupidity, and a shameless camera that zooms in on girls crotches and other private areas.

Ken Park  
Clark shows his real intentions by filming Euro-trash style teenage pornography and some more extreme moral decay. In Clark's world, kids murder their grandparents, have s&m sex and threesomes, masturbate with auto-asphyxiation, and parents use teenagers for oral sex, marry their own daughters and drunkenly abuse their sons in their sleep. Of course critics and other idiots are calling this brave, but the dumb and obvious point of this movie could have been made in 5 minutes without being x-rated and explicit.

Smell of Us, The  
Clark comes full-circle and films "Kids in Paris", finding yet another group of non-actor skater-kids who are willing to perform nude and sex scenes for him. This actually contains elements from Kids, Bully and Ken Park, as it features apathetic, amoral rent-boys having sex and becoming obsessed with each other, random violence, and the various insanely perverted adults that exploit them. You would think that this is about the adults using teens, except the kids outdo them in broken psyches and nihilistic moral decay. The movie is just a series of scenes exploring their disconnected lives, superficial friendships, their chosen daily job providing their bodies to a wide variety of depraved old people, and even an insane incestuous mom, until the kids let go and party with wild abandon and violence. So basically it's another Clark film that has left reality behind and is just there to satisfy his fantasies. His next and last one should be a movie about film-makers that exploit teens.

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