Marian Dora  

In some ways, similar to Buttgereit in his blend of original, extreme, sick and vile subject matter mixed with artistic pretensions. Also comparable to Lucifer Valentine in the fact that he is one of the most extreme & sick film-makers whose creations feel more like extreme fetish porn or vignettes of twisted filth masquerading as movies. But even Buttgereit had something to say at times within his sick character studies, whereas Dora's characters just inexplicably wallow in filth and the most extreme violence unimaginable. Adding poetry and atmosphere on top of this depravity doesn't shift the movie into art-house circles, and only convinces the audience that the director is in love with this stuff. Somehow makes splattery, blackened, gurgling, gory special effects that feel disturbingly and 100% real, but even this extreme gore is just extra spicing on the various disgusting things that his characters participate in. Reviewed until 2016.


Angels' Melancholy, The  
By the maker of Cannibal, which was basically just nasty gay snuff porn about two very broken men doing horrible things to themselves and each other, comes an even more extreme movie about broken people doing nasty things, supposedly as an artistic statement about Germans and the state of Germany. Two friends, one dying, three women, an old man and a disabled girl, all gather at an old house to partake in memories, conversation, pretentious poetry, visions, emotions, philosophical gobbledygook, etc, but mostly just to kill and torture dolls, animals and each other, and partake in one disgusting or brutally abusive scene after another, until the final murderous orgy. The many acts, depicted in fully zoomed, ultra-realistic and graphic detail, include squashing frogs, a very messy carving up of a pig intercut with a rape, the killing or torturing of about ten other species of animals, all probably real, acts involving coprophilia, urine, vomit, torture of a disabled girl via her colostomy, disemboweling, genital mutilation, etc etc. Think of the movie as Salo, as directed by Werner Schroeter with all his pretentious poetic nonsense, and with the co-operation of Lucifer Valentine. There is no plot or comprehensible meaning to speak of, there is no rationale, philosophy or understandable characters, just very broken people doing disgusting things in an 'artistic' movie pretentiously pretending to be exploring the German psyche. I would have liked to say that the movie merely depicts very disturbed people, cruelty and vileness, but the movie actually revels in it and seems to think of this as art and emotional pathos. So it doesn't get much more objectionable than this. This is the movie I would imagine a psychopathic serial killer would make before he realized that movie-making isn't enough.

A man with a fetish for being eaten and for eating human flesh searches the internet for a man with compatible tastes. After several failed attempts, he finds the man of his dreams, works up an appetite, battles with his willpower, has lots of sex, and proceeds to carve him up and eat him in great detail. The gore effects are so disturbingly realistic, you'd swear they were using a real human body. The direction is interesting, the atmosphere is palpable and well done, the dubbing job is bad albeit the dialog is sparse, but it's still just pointless gay snuff porn. That it's based on real events doesn't change anything, nor does it make it an interesting study on human behaviour.

Dora delivers another vile and extreme piece of filth that barely qualifies as a movie. As the title suggests, this is about cancer, and Dora picks one of the most wretched, painful and physically destructive and repulsive forms of cancer, bowel cancer, then amplifies it with his usual vile, gurgling special effects that is all about feces, bile and unidentifiable body fluids. The man who receives this gift discusses his issues with life with the local priest, argues with his girlfriend who can't take his condition, runs away from a hospital that seems to be only populated with patients that have repulsive diseases and wounds, and is treated by an insane old woman while his stomach literally falls apart both outside and in. Scenes of serene nature as well as of a snake eating live rodents are cut together with this wannabe meditation on the human condition and cruel nature, which is too interested in being nasty to be a meditation on anything. There's also a sex scene with a snake like some cheap pornographic symbol of Eden, and other sex scenes and fetishes that would give Nekromantik a run for its money. The protagonist, since he is in a Marian Dora film, isn't only interested in suffering and being a normal human being, but also partakes in self-mutilation, gay s&m sex, and becomes way too obsessed with his own body fluids. Under 'Vile' in the dictionary, it should refer people to this film.

Debris Documentar  
You remember that kid in school that seemed to derive pleasure from grossing out the other kids and kept coming up with more ways to achieve such pleasure? Well this movie is probably made by such a kid, 20 years later, if he forgot to grow up. Basically a series of gross-outs by a man who works in cinema during the day, and derives pleasure from a wide variety of disgusting things the rest of the time. It starts with playing with dead animals and eating dirt from his feet, proceeds to disgusting experiences with every other body organ, fluid and solid all of which I don't feel like describing, then escalates to attacking girls that pee in the woods, and climaxes with a murder and disgusting mutilation of a dead body involving, once again, an oral fixation of putting everything in his mouth. There is no plot, which makes this kinda like porn that no one would want to see. At some point I started thinking that this was Dora's autobiography, then remembered that he doesn't wait to get home to do these things; he does it at work.

Voyage to Agatis  
Dora's version of Knife on the Water. An almost cartoonish sadistic jerk of an ugly man tries to sell his wife in a bar then convinces a nubile young girl to join them on their yacht trip much to the anger of his wife. What these hot women see in him is beyond me. There is none of Polanski's subtle psychological and sexual tension though. This is just ugliness, layered over with a completely irrelevant poetic atmosphere of recited poetry and gentle, beautiful music, once again as if Dora were trying to pass off this ugly sadism and gore as something artistic. Imagery of dolls in muddy waters mix with images of naked smooth-shaven women on his boat waiting to be mutilated and raped, which only serves to reveal more of Dora's mind. Begins and ends with ultra-realistic gore and genital mutilation that disturbingly seems too real to be a special effect. But it's the inexplicable behaviour in this movie that is the special effect.

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