Heiko Fipper  

A very extreme but obscure German underground splatter film-maker.

Of Some Interest

Das Komabrutale Duell  
Ranking in the top 5 goriest movies ever made, this low-budget action movie goes way, way over-the-top with a barebones 'plot' about a silly, endless vendetta that only serves as an excuse to deliver 90 minutes of pure splatter. One group of people attacks the other, ripping them open with various weapons (guns, swords, chainsaws, drills), blowing their heads open, tearing off limbs and punching huge bullet holes in their bodies. The losers then get up (in some extreme cases, go back home to 'repair' themselves), then go back for a counter-attack in another setting ad nauseam. For example, a man who gets half his head blown away gets repaired with the help of his generous friend who volunteers to get his head torn off, to donate half his brain into his friends empty, torn skull, and then get his head stuck back on. One woman gets brutalized by getting her pregnant belly ripped open and her baby stomped in front of her eyes. In other words, ridiculously extreme, funny, but somewhat monotonous, extreme splatter.


There is no humor this time around as Heiko and his friends run around inflicting nasty tortures and deaths on girls, family and each other. Heiko is an obsessive man in lust with his step-sister who tricks him with her twin sister. Heiko literally tears open and rapes the twin only to find it wasn't the twin. After escaping from a mental hospital, he comes back for revenge armed with a video of her sister's death. Features creative but nasty splatter including repeated blows on the head, various strange torture games, rape with a knife and extreme splatter-rape. Messy, short and pointless.

1999- by The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre Table of Contents