Kei Fujiwara  

With most bizarre movie-makers there is usually a system, a wavelength you can tune into, a goal, abstract ideas, or at the very least some scenes where you know what is happening. Fujiwara is simply insane. She also collaborates with Shinya Tsukamoto. Reviewed until 2016.


Ido (AKA Id)  
A completely insane and messy exercise on the bestial in man vs Buddhist enlightenment via Freudian surrealism. This indescribable movie follows a mysterious murderer, an abusive pig-farm owner, his huge sons whom he feeds like animals, one of which is a cross-dresser, and some abused women and villagers, all who live in a small village and spend most of the movie yelling, beating, raping, abusing, and murdering while jerking their penises made of machine-parts. Somewhere inside this mess are other Freudian symbols, a river through which the village is entered, and a well with a huge spigot for controlling the waters. Scenes jump jarringly from one scene to another and what with the insanity of the characters and endless surreal scenes including huge pigs, monstrous vaginas, mutating men, vomit and lots of blood and guts, the result is one big headache. The ending suddenly and brutally jumps from twisted gore to peaceful heavenly enlightenment. True insanity.

An extreme Cronenberg-style movie mixed with Tetsuo elements. A confusing mess about a man who was mutilated by his mother as a child and now works for the Yakuza in human organ theft, as well as working in a school for girls and experimenting on students. His one-eyed sister is an accomplice, a cop that sacrifices his partners for undercover work is after them, as well as the brother of a cop they mutilated, the twisted school headmistress, and some crazed Yakuza gangsters who don't like loose ends. Lots of pus-flowing mutations and diseases, mutilations, amputations, bloody organ extractions, violence, rape, surreal dreams and hallucinations that all add up to nothing but a dreary gory mess.

1999- by The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre Table of Contents