Fredric Hobbs  

A freaky film-maker who takes the art of bad and cheesy film-making beyond this world into another dimension. Combining illogical writing, completely random plot development, b-movie horror and cheese, odd choices of insanely dull scenes and dialogue and other indescribable elements, Hobbs makes some of the most mind-warping movies ever in the sense that your mind tries to run away from the black hole that is Fredric Hobbs in any way possible.


Alabama's Ghost  
Once again, Hobbs challenged my mind with writing so loose, odd and sloppy, my brain fell through the gaping holes and wandered into a twilight zone. This evil creation involves a secret chemical called Raw Zeta, discovered by a magician who found that using this through acupuncture gives him the power to control people, which a Nazi and robot scientist called Caligula wanted for their own. Enter a black jazz musician who wants to be a magician and discovers the secret, only to be haunted by failing magical props that cause his hippy-rock-band assistants to get cut by swords, while he is haunted by ghosts with Shakespearean warnings, tricked by vampires in grandmother clothes, cured by a voodoo doctor who performs Filipino surgery on him using a lizard, while victims are eaten by vampires on a conveyor belt. Did you get that? Neither did I. The insane climax may bring about a state of Nirvana.

Godmonster of Indian Flats  
A very strange thing happened to me when I watched this terrible movie: I realized much later that I had lost time while watching it and don't remember what I did that afternoon. This is a movie so terrible, it transcends this world and becomes a mystical experience. The so-called plot involves (I think) mutant sheep monsters, toxic gas, farmers and evil real-estate people, but I am at a loss to explain what really happens.

A sex-addict singer goes insane, drooling over strip shows, performing his own show, stealing pornographic films and hallucinating. His dreams and visions include a strange population in skimpy outfits or S&M gear, hordes of nude people, a monumental penis, ominous organ players and lots of sex. He discusses his affliction with a priest who is researching perversion and porn, while his manic shrink tries to treat him, and a black Hieronymous Bosch appears in his cell telling him he is Adam and inspires him to build a pyramid. Not as transcendental as his later works but more surreal and exploitative. A weird 70s romp on the hippy-sex-craze of the time perhaps.

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