Peter Jackson  

Blessed with abundant film-making talent and with a love for the extreme and the over-the-top evident in any film he makes, this New Zealander started with splatter movies but after exploring that genre to its limits, tried his hand at various other genres and movies until Hollywood caught up with him and agreed to give him Lord of the Rings. Everything he touches is solid, wondrous entertainment and a labor of love. Here's hoping Hollywood doesn't spoil him.


Bad Taste  
Cult splatter movie filmed on camcorder. Aliens invade Australia looking to chop up human flesh and sell it as a delicacy but didn't expect to find anything like Derek and his chainsaw. The fact that bits of his brain keep falling out doesn't help either. Plenty of gore and hilariously shocking adventures.

Braindead (AKA Dead Alive)  
A rather special type of poisonous monkey is found and taken to a local zoo. Lionel's monstrous mother gets bitten and turns into a zombie, and Lionel tries to hide this embarrassing secret in his cellar. Things get hilariously out of hand. This is the goriest, most fun splatter movie ever made. Among other things, we see intestines chasing a man with intent to commit murder, and the bloodiest, longest climax ever made where Lionel cuts up scores of zombies with a lawn-mower.

Of Some Interest

Meet the Feebles  
Peter Jackson forever changes muppets with this gory satire on show business. Filth, gore, perversion, depravity and extreme violence plague the Feebles, a group of muppets going downhill fast into extirpation.

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