Richard Kern  

A post-Warhol, underground New-York film-maker of gritty, hardcore, shocking short movies, often called transgressive cinema due to their confrontational and avant-garde approach, and taboo-breaking themes of perversions, twisted violence, drugs and nihilism. This Cinema of Transgression was formed by Nick Zedd with whom he collaborated, but Kern usually seems more focused and his shorts have a point. They range from John Waters-like trash wrapped in underground or bizarre art-house values and industrial music, to avant-garde, drug-induced, gritty and pornographic pieces exploring perversions, shock, extreme fetishes, violence and sometimes, dark humor.

Memorable examples include "Right Side of my Brain" - a pervertedly erotic and pulsating short about a neurotic woman wanting to be used and hurt in filthy ways, "Submit to Me" - a collection of freaks displaying their fetishes on camera like a twisted show & tell, "The Bitches" - showing a man who gets into a threesome only to have the fun turn in on itself in a gender-bending orgy, and "Sewing Circle" which documents a girl who gets her genitals sewn shut. Most of his shorts have now been released on a single DVD.

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