Harmony Korine  

An indie movie-maker with a raw, exploratory style in the likes of Herzog and Warhol, with a curious, voyeuristic camera that is constantly looking for the intriguing freaks of humanity. His characters are usually pathetic but sometimes interesting at the same time. His movies are wildly experimental, challenging and whimsical, but are also hate-em-or-love-em cult celluloid events. Jaded critics may enjoy how he breaks up techniques and conventions, bizarre movie lovers may love the fresh challenge, but the lack of self-control, depth and direction will turn most people away. He also often writes for Larry Clark. Reviewed until 2016.


Plotless trip into the life of some demented white trash people that do things like kill cats to sell their corpses, rip tape off their nipples to make them grow, and pimp their retarded wives to kids. All the while, a boy with pink rabbit ears wanders about aimlessly. Features a real black/death metal soundtrack but otherwise awfully boring and repulsive.

Julien Donkey-Boy  
Schizophrenic Julien (acted wonderfully by Bremner) lives with his demented father (Herzog) and his almost-normal sister whom he loves and impregnated. At home, the family frequently break into neurotic and senseless mind-games and arguments, Julien listens to bluegrass wearing a gas mask, and other haphazard scenes and characters appear such as an attack on a turtle and an armless drummer. The movie is shot in a chaotic jumbled style as befitting a schizophrenic, with erratic jumps and viewpoints. Uninsightful and empty.

Trash Humpers  
Korine revisits the plotless retarded trash of Gummo, this time following a trio of youngsters in old-people masks and costumes around a trashy suburbia. They hump trash, trash-bins, trees, poles, and mailboxes endlessly and repetitively, they molest leaves and shrubbery, they make lots of weird annoying noises, they dance and sing like retards, and visit some colorful loser suburban locals including a bearded cross-dresser, and a bigoted redneck. They abuse baby dolls, murder someone and play with the pool of his blood, make a pair of fake conjoined twins eat pancakes with soap, etc etc. then make a speech about the emptiness of suburban life. Filmed in 'low-tech VHS' complete with warp, VHS font and VHS on-screen controls. It wasn't even remotely interesting 14 years ago. Is this all you've got?

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