Shane Mather  

A British underground director (Masochist Pictures) that makes horror, shock and crime movies. Still in a developing and immature stage where the focus is mostly on shock, gross-outs, gore, in-your-face violence, and politically incorrectness, but he has an energetic and ballsy approach that shows some potential. Reviewed until 2016.

Of Some Interest

Imagine an extreme and nasty German splatter movie backed up by an equally nasty sense of humor. This 2-hour long movie from the British Mathers at Masochist Pictures runs overlong but manages to cram in an amazing variety of gore, nastiness, filth and offensive humor. The plot is complicated, all revolving around a the magical spear of Longinus that gives its owner great power, and the various groups of people that are searching for it. There's a very old ex-Nazi with a filthy mouth, a taste for masochistic gay perversions, and an army of followers who gives any rival or Jew 'the treatment' in the goriest ways. There's a man who rapes cats before tearing them apart, a private investigator, an ex-cop, and many more. Knives and bullets tear through anuses, there are extremely nasty and bloody rapes, every bullet results in a geyser, some vomit-torture, and bodies are sliced or torn apart in a variety of ways. The in-your-face racism is ballsy and humorous for a while, especially the oldie racist tunes playing in the background, and the over-the-top gore and action is entertaining, but the actors are flat and the movie revels in nastiness and gross-outs instead of Jackson-esque splatstick.


Let's see if I get this right: NASA secretly sent a space ship full of toilets in case aliens need to go, and they come back as flying biological weapons, causing humans to erupt in chocolate-yogurt-like substance from all kinds of orifices, cross-dress, and break out in brutal violence. A gay man who invents a floating self-aware CGI dildo with one eye, is on a quest to save humanity, while the humans kill bunnies in gory ways, rape their co-workers and friends in nasty and messy ways, pull out a machine gun from nowhere and start mowing people down, bite off a breast like some kind of zombie, or get molested by the flying dildo, while upchucking chocolate yogurt all over the place. Gross-out, gory, idiotically demented, home-made sci-fi

Terror Nation  
Another hoodlums-meet-horror from Mather, this one more restrained and 'realistic' than previous outings, but still offering gore and scattered nastiness. A criminal gang steal a briefcase, their heist going out of control mainly thanks to a psychotic participant, and soon find themselves in over their heads with government conspiracies and armies of agents, and in a bizarre town populated by insane or zombie-like citizens. But the conspiracy never makes any sense and the movie lacks pacing, focus and proper plot development. The writing constantly wanders, and gratuitous scenes are injected, their only purpose to up the gore and shock quota. Gunshots always result in as much blood as possible, people are killed for no good reason and then dunked into a toilet made to look as nasty as possible, there are a couple of gratuitous gory experiments that seem to be taken from another movie, and seemingly useless government armies only serve as fodder for squibs. The acting ranges from weak to above average.

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