Charles Pinion  

An underground, cult film-maker from Florida that sparsely makes horror movies with an unusual atmosphere. He is a teacher, turned punk-rock front-man, turned film-maker. His movies are part disjointed mess, and part a stoned mix of supernatural horror, hallucinations, dreams and trashy gore, always backed by a very prominent soundtrack usually dominated with punk music. He dabbles in splatter but doesn't focus on it, and toys with the weird, the supernatural and the absurd without seeming to be in control of it, resulting in uniquely trashy, mind-warping, but incoherent, low-budget horror movies. Reviewed until 2016.

Of Some Interest

Twisted Issues  
Very amateurish and odd home-made skater-punk horror movie with metaphysical aspirations. At first, there's this laughable attitude of 'the world is violent and screwed up, so I'll skate' depicted in a montage of news footage and skaters. But then it gets odd: A young couple commit random acts of bloody violence on each other, especially when she states that she hates sprouts, which is enough to justify slicing the top of her head off with shears. But they both bandage themselves up and shrug off their wounds that heal themselves, in time to watch events through their TV set (which is also the movie we are watching) as if they were some kind of punk version of gods. In this movie, a skater is run over by some punks, is brought back to life by a 'mad scientist', except without his face. He drills and bolts his skateboard to his foot, and goes on a revenge spree. The war escalates and reaches a very weird man named Hawk who collects weapons and keeps strange tinfoil-wrapped objects in his light-flashing closet, until the violence finally comes knocking on the 'gods' door. There's also some amateurish gore, including the ol' 'eyeball rolling off a person's face' trick, and a funny dismembering of a skater from her skateboard. Oh, and the whole movie pounds with a dense soundtrack of underground punk music. Definitely an oddity, and somewhat watchable as long as you have no expectations.


Red Spirit Lake  
All men are sadistic perverts and rapists or wackos, and all women are witches out for revenge in this messy exploitative horror mish-mash. There's a plot at first about a group of men trying to get their hands on a property held by some kind of coven of women, but this is soon forgotten to be replaced by a series of scenes of random violence, hallucinations, torture, rape, graphic sex and supernatural gory revenge. Highlights include forced oral sex by a supernatural ghostly being, death by sauna, gory genital violence committed by undead witches, and an endless parade of seductive, sometimes naked dancing witches in the snow. Obviously a movie with a specific audience in mind, but don't expect any meat, coherency, plot or intelligence.

We Await  
Pinion makes less and less sense with every horror movie, and this disjointed mess is practically a surreal experience. From what my severely damaged wits could gather, there's a man R. K. Tipple, who preys sadistically on motorists, and he finds himself kidnapped by a family of wackos with very confusing motives. There was a sick sister whose soul was captured by a strange crystal, there's a fungus which they ingest and which causes them to hallucinate and turn into cannibals, there's an unborn son in one of the nieces whom they all pray to, Tipple seems to be some kind of sacrifice for an unknown purpose, there's lust between the nieces and a horny nephew, and another nephew has decided to become a dog to the extent of sniffing Tipple and humping his leg. In one highlight scene, they go on a 'spirit trip' in a car, drive through a psychedelic brain scan image, and have a violent encounter with a huge giant fat and naked Jesus. Oh and there's some guy who thinks he's a dinosaur while having his testicles and penis tortured and roasted by a colorful dominatrix, who seems to have been forgotten after the first 10 minutes of the movie. Got all that?

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