Nathan Schiff  

A truly independent New-York film-maker who works with zero-budgets, 8mm, friends and neighbours as actors, and 'borrowed' soundtracks from other movies and classical recordings. Mixes the energy and lame innocence of Ed Wood with the love for gore of H.G. Lewis to produce home gore-movies. His unique innocent advantages are that he avoids sleaze and his movies never pretend to be more than they are. Good for people that love Z-movie entertainment.

Of Some Interest

They Don't Cut the Grass Anymore  
Jaw-dropping Z-grade movie that is so intentionally bad and over-the-top gory, it's actually hilarious. Two Texan gardeners sporting heavy makeup and terrible dialog run amok killing yuppies. But they don't just kill, they take apart bodies one piece of flesh at a time. Faces are torn apart down to the skull, guts are pulled out piece by piece, and limbs are very slowly sawed off. And all this wrapped in crude social satire, extremely exaggerated caricatures, the cheapest special effects, and hilariously bad dialog and acting.

Vermillion Eyes  
A completely different, surreal creation from Schiff. A man is haunted by psycho-sexual fantasies involving violence and death. He documents accidental deaths and suicides while wearing a fallout suit and gas mask (identity and detachment symbols?), then commits the violence himself with gorier and gorier carnage, ruminating on how way humanity lives on despite imminent dangers, and the power and fragility of life and death. He starts tearing off faces, cutting eyeballs and killing children. In a twisted climax, his sexual and violent fantasies involve his sister who puzzles and provokes his twisted psyche the most. We are never sure how much of this violence is in his mind or is real, and neither is he. Under the stream of gore and cheap production values there lies a good, dark psychological movie.


Long Island Cannibal Massacre  
Girls are being butchered and chopped up by strange characters in order to feed cannibalistic half-humans. The gore quota has been increased in this sophomore effort to include lawn-mower death, disembowelment, smashed heads, cannibalism and and an over-the-top splatterific finale involving chainsaws, impalement, and tongue-ripping. And this time, the dialog is hilariously bad.

Weasels Rip my Flesh  
An MST3K worthy, sci-fi monster movie tells the story of a probe returning from Venus with radioactive samples that turn living things into immortal bloodthirsty monsters. A rabid weasel starts the carnage until a scientist captures it with ambitious intentions. Kids and policemen get involved with bloody consequences. Hilariously bad effects that may be enjoyable while under the influence.

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