Jack Smith  

A prototypical New-York underground film-maker who influenced Warhol and Waters. He purposely shoots in a very raw, messy and gritty style on damaged film stock, started the art-form known as Camp and Trash, and employed underground actors, transvestites and drag culture. Warhol was inspired by his 'roll cameras and let the actors do what they want until they get bored' style of non-directing. In other words, another New York 'artistic' nut. He also worked with Ken Jacobs, an experimental film-maker who mostly makes 'avant-garde' compilations of found footage, or films his friends performing random antics in costume. Died in 1989.


Flaming Creatures  
40 interminable minutes of Smith filming a group of transvestites in various costumes posing, prancing, dancing, pursing their lips, playing, and acting out random campy scenes on damaged film-stock with random eclectic music in the soundtrack. Lots of penises, rape role-play, an endless lipstick commercial, a vampire, and an earthquake (i.e. Smith shakes the camera while the camera-whores scream, giggle and play with each other). There are even exciting scenes of a hanging lamp and a crawling bug. And yet, this dull, useless and ugly tripe is somehow being lauded as a groundbreaking, important entry in underground/independent cinema. What a world. That's it. I'm calling out the naked Emperor and shooting him in the head.

Normal Love  
Blurry, jumpy and badly filmed on very damaged stock, this pointless art piece shows scenes of a man and a girl doing random things together, a man in a mermaid suit, and a group of transvestites running around in the woods in various costumes, drinking strange liquids and performing dull antics while loud Arabic and classical music blares in the foreground. Trashy, ugly, boring and pointless.

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