Maik Ude  

Another German gorehound making inept home-made movies just to have fun with splatter, violence and horror. Has no distinct touch or special talents worth mentioning. Reviewed until 2016.


Ude ups the ante on this one, delivering huge amounts of extreme splatter. A girl is having a very bad day, starting with her discovery that her boyfriend is cheating on her even though she is pregnant, to being abducted, then tortured and brutally made to lose some flesh, skin, limbs and her fetus. Her boyfriend chases her and only finds himself in the same predicament, except, in a hilarious scene, she starts psychologically torturing him as soon as the torturer is done physically torturing him. The first half of the movie is a whole lot of backwoods torture porn with a deranged huge man tearing apart flesh, organs and limbs in various gruesome and very graphic ways. The second half is a supernatural revenge involving long tedious games and fights that never make any sense between private investigators, the new girlfriend, the torturer, and an even more brutal demon. The splatter, even when it isn't realistic, is very extreme, and delivers quite well to gorehounds. But, besides the lack of an interesting plot, characters and acting, the cameraman seems to have redefined 'shaky-cam' as 'seizure-cam'.

Butcher, The (Trilogy)      
Three, hour-long German underground films by Maik Ude with an emphasis on gore. Features a sack-wearing killer who carves up anyone he meets, including campers, criminals, skinheads, whores, random passers-by and the people who resurrect him from the grave with black magic. In the first and third he also raises an army of zombies to create more gory mayhem. This is very low-budget dull stuff, no stories, just killings and violence, and the gore doesn't even reach typical German splatter levels, with the second in the trilogy resembling a more gory Friday the 13th.

Another home-made inept movie by Maik Ude, this one a random sketch comedy with a collection of trashy and very goofy over-acting characters making stupid comedy and doing random things like take drugs in public, vomit, abuse their girls, or get high on household cleaning chemicals, while two aggressive guys fight it out in the woods. All of the over-the-top blood splatter is in the last 10 minutes of this movie as many of them meet a violent death, and it's nothing to write home about.

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