Lucifer Valentine  

Another in the new-wave genre I call gornography which is made up of plotless extreme gore and filth and populated by the likes of Fred Vogel. Valentine carves his own niche in a fetish genre he calls vomit-gore, laced with some Satanism, and lots of edgy editing and jarring soundscapes. The visuals are as extreme and nasty as it can possibly get, guaranteed to push the limits of the most jaded gorehound. This filth is so extreme and pointless, Valentine has to promote and produce the films himself. And just so you know whom you're dealing with, Lucifer claims to be a Satanist raised by Satanist parents, and to have had a sexual relationship with his sister until she commmitted suicide. The movies are populated with real emetophiliacs performing, and Valentine has to hide his real identity due to death threats. These movies almost immediately classify themselves as gore and nastiness for their own sake, the plotless sequence of scenes undeniably falling under the category of twisted pornography, and will therefore not be reviewed further.


Black Metal Veins  
After three movies that were basically extreme fetish porn posing as movies, Valentine tries something different: A documentary on black metal adherents that are supposedly living lives of Satanic self-destruction, but are really just drug-addict sheep led by their weaknesses. 'Do what thou wilt' is quoted once in this movie, and, as usual, it is misinterpreted as meaning 'do whatever you want'. Other philosophies mentioned are ones of consciously destructing humanity and themselves and not caring, and they claim they made a choice to be this way and don't whine about society or parents making them this way, which is a point in their favor, except that there is never a feeling that they chose anything, and they are really just passive. The one thing this has in common with Valentine's previous movies is that it depicts the bottom rung of humanity. It is mostly about veins, with endless scenes of shooting up including the diseases that they get through these veins, with some black metal interludes and philosophy, but don't expect it to be about black metal. They share their personal stories involving violence, abortions, divorces, kids, prostitution, sexual abuses, various things they did for the next hit, and so on, with nauseating close-ups of shooting up and random graphic bouts of fucking out of sheer boredom. Two of them died while this was shot, one during a drug-deal off-camera, and another on-camera due to an overdose, bringing into question Valentine's personal negligence. Except that we only have Valentine's word that this is a documentary, so it may all be staged and makeup for all we know. Also available in an uncut version with extended pornographic sex scenes, including the disturbing overdose rape scene. Except for the segments involving the parents, I found it all very boring and uninteresting, with no insight, interesting personalities, or active brains. These people didn't deserve a documentary.

ReGOREgitated Sacrifice  
This second part in a trilogy is very realistic gore-vomit-piss-porn, merely featuring one nasty scene after another cut together with frequently annoying jumpy editing, nightmarish sounds and girls telling horror stories about their lives, or made to give their bodies to Satan and self-mutilation. These vignettes featuring one self-hating girl after another being ultimately abused has practically everything in commmon with porn, and should therefore not even be reviewed here. Even hardcore horror fans might be inclined to take a break from their hobbies after watching a girl abused, vomited on, a spider sewn into her vagina, decapitated, then her hollow head used as a vomit glass. Other pleasantries included here are ejaculation of blood, an endless disemboweling, and siamese twins cut apart with a saw. The third part of this trilogy: 'Slow Torture Puke Chamber' continues this extreme Japanese-style, nasty porn with added extreme fetus-gore and is therefore not even worth reviewing anymore.

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls  
Taking its cue from Fred Vogel in making plotless, very extreme and realistic filth, this movie portrays a bulemic, prostitute stripper as she strips, talks about her trashy life, asks people to do things to her and vomits endlessly while splicing this together with extremely gory snuff scenes and video clips of the prostitute as a little girl. The sound is warped and twisted as is the good editing job, together making you experience a disturbing nightmare of vomit, sleaze and splatter while experiencing what it must be like to be on the bottom rung of the ladder of humanity. The gore features very realistic eye-gouging, head sawing, brain eating and face peeling. In one stand-out scene, a woman's arm is cut off then she is given a guitar and microphone. This would be an intense experience if not for the endless shocks and complete lack of a story, which leads to boredom after 20 minutes.

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