Megahal Eggdrop Module

Contact: megahal2 at thelastexit dot net
Last updated: July 2009


This is a module for compilation with eggdrop bots on IRC networks.

It is a chat-bot for artificially intelligent conversation, with learning capability and a psychotic personality.

Project Notes

The original AI work and program was written by Jason Hutchens in 1999.
This eggdrop port was coded by Zev Toledano in 2000. Brain structure improvements and several features were added since then.

This is NOT the same project as the open source Megahal project. It is also not the same as the alternative eggdrop port by Steve Huston and BarkerJr. This is a separate personal branch that started before Megahal went open source, also based on Jason Hutchens work, and developed with his permission.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This version is incompatible with all of the aforementioned versions due to brain structure changes.

Megahal 3.5