(Independant - 1996)
Ahh the good ol' days of 80s thrash/speed metal. I got what I expected and hoped in this album - very well executed speed metal that sounds like it was put out in the 80s. This is a Brazilian band. The tracks speed along with strong riffs and usually standard but good guitar solos. The drummer is probably the best musician on this album, changing often and keeping things interesting. Vocals are a weaker version of Meshuggah's barking style and sometimes I think he barks too much and in the wrong way. But that is the only minus in this CD, the music is well produced and very well played albeit nothing new. If any of you still listen to your old Metallica and Testament cds and wish for more, then I recommend this album. This is a killer thrash/speed release but anyone looking for something new shouldn't bother with this. I started with this style and it seems I will never grow out of it.

The Last Exit 1996-

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