Screams of Anguish
(Nuclear Blast - 1993)
This was a very pleasant surprise! Technical brutal death metal from Florida that actually write flowing music instead of sandwiching together a few riffs. I would say they sound just as good as Death at times! The music itself isn't anything really new but I must say this is as good as death metal can get. The riffs vary from a grinding speed to doomy and slow. This makes the dynamics extremely interesting, also enhanced by the two other tracks included on the album - a melancholic synth track and an acoustic one as well. Probably the best parts for me on this album however, are the guitar solos. Packed with emotion amd contributing a lot to the music, this guitar player reminds me of Chuck Schuldiner at times emotion wise. Vocals are in the brutal grunting Deicide style. An amazing release and a must buy for death metal fans!

The Last Exit 1996-

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