Brutal Truth

Need to Control
(Earache - 1994)
A pretty original album, it's basically a mixture of deathgrind, punk/hardcore and Noise. I heard one song before from this album and I liked it, so I got my hands on the whole thing. Turns out that's the only song I like from it - I hate it when that happens. That's not to say that this isn't a good CD, it just isn't my thing. It's played very well with very good production, the songs are interesting and there is a brutal 'talent' overall that I can respect. Only it's not my style. I don't care at all for the Noise elements too, though this too makes it interesting. Lots of blast beats, punk-style growled screams, rapidly changing riffs and controlled brutality in general. Technically they're excellent, the only question is whether you like this style. The songs vary from Grind to Crust to slow Death to pure Noise and to a mixture of them all. If it sounds like your thing, I recommend it.

The Last Exit 1996-

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