Dark Tranquility

The Mind's I
(Osmose - 1997)
More technical Swedish melodic death metal. A little more aggressive than their previous stuff and in my opinion less accessible. Compositionally at first, the songs didn't always make sense to me and it suffers from a lack of groove. However if technical ability and masterful instrument playing is all you are interested in, this album is for you. The playing is sharp as a knife with their own unique staccato rhythmic guitars, the tune zig-zagging across the fret-board in frantic speed. The melody is definitely there but I personally need more groove. The song names and lyrics make me wonder what these guys are smoking ('Scythe Rage and Roses' and 'Still Moving Sinews') - are they trying to sound sophisticated? I was never a big fan of theirs and this album seemed to be a little less enjoyable than their others, but after a few listens it has grown on me and there is no denying their talent. A good album but I much prefer At the Gates and In Flames.

The Last Exit 1996-

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