Dusk MCD
(Relapse - 1993)
A brutal doomdeath or perhaps a sludge metal band with strong death aspects. A very primitive sound with simple riffs, the guitars played very low and mostly slow. The production makes it sound like it was recorded in a moist, dark cave, each riff heavy, mucky and dripping with mud. In this case the bad production actually helps set the mood and aids the primitive music - a crystal clear production would be out of place. The vocals are monotonous, gargling growls consisting of maybe three notes. At times the rhythm speeds up to a brutal death style with the same simple riffs, but quickly reverts back to the sludge. As an atmosphere setter, this album is effective, but as music this is just too primitive and exceptionally boring for me personally. Some people may actually enjoy this primitive sound however. The riffing and drumming change slightly throughout the song but never enough to break the weighty and hypnotic mire. The third track is slightly different, using a simple electric guitar with slow notes to create an eerie effect. The vocals are also pushed more to the background here and the effect (relatively) is one of slightly more doom than sludge. Three songs clocking at 29 minutes, with only the two last minutes showing some brilliance. The rest is mud.

The Last Exit 1996-

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