DCLXVI - To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth
(Music For Nations - 1997)
One of the best releases in the 'death-rock' or 'death'n'roll' style that many death bands are playing with lately. Sporting a superb blend of death metal and rock, this album is ultimately catchy, heavy and fun. Pioneers in the use of Swedish-style low-tuned guitars, they perpetuate this heavy sound here together with frolicking rock rhythms and riffs. The vocals are still powerful as before, a low, not-quite-death growl/yell that rumbles together with the distorted guitars. The songs diversify in their riffs and speed, ranging from densely packed and romping guitars to slow and slightly grungy tracks, but the feel of the album as a whole is consistent. Guitar solos are in the heavy metal/rock style and the drumming is strong, fluid and at times, interesting (also rock style). Production is slightly gritty, but it may actually be better this way. Track #7 stands out with its eerie and haunting, romantic beauty - played with a lonesome piano. Otherwise, an energetic and loud album. Highly recommended.

The Last Exit 1996-

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