Hating Life
(Century Media - 1996)
My first Grave CD. As far as I understand, they have changed on this album from a purer death metal sound to a less brutal yet heavier groove-oriented death metal. Well, the groove is definitely here and together with the low-tuned Swedish death guitars and great production, this CD booms out of your speakers with the weight of the Titanic. I must give them top marks for this raw heavy sound and for playing it very well but the fact is their music is too bland for me. After a couple of tracks this one just shifts into the background but leaves the battering heaviness in the room. The vocals are more roars than growls a la Therion. If good but very standard groove death metal is your thing, by all means try this out. I personally found it boring with the exception of a couple of tracks.

The Last Exit 1996-

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