The Final Chapter
(Nuclear Blast - 1997)
This possibly has some of the heaviest, crunching death metal tracks I have ever heard. The guitars on this album completely dominate the room and your senses as they pound and crunch and shake the ground with their rage. Simply incredible sound! Typical low tuned Swedish sound that is quite melodic at times without being commercial in any way, and together with Tagtgren's genius in composition and production, this is an absolute killer release. Quite a few slower doom tracks adorn this album, yet even they don't give your senses much rest as they pound out their sorrow. Vocals vary a lot from powerful death growls, to guttural hysterical screams, to piercing shrieks, to sludge-gargling growls and even a couple of clean ones. Get this and grind your teeth down to the gums with this powerhouse.

The Last Exit 1996-

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