Inner Thought

Worldly Separation
(Dwell - 1994)
A three piece death band on this album but that's only because the drums are programmed. Don't leave yet though, the drums are tastefully programmed and done well. However I can't help but imagine the stronger power behind real drums and how they could have improved the sound here drastically. The hi-hats and cymbals are particularly horrid. Anyways, the album starts with a promising dark, slow death metal that speeds up in some parts, but later songs soon prove monotonous. Individually some songs have some interest and I actually enjoy them, but they lose you after a while. They lack 'hooks' that sweep you away and hold your attention for a longer time. The overall album has a darker gothic sound than most death groups and are original in this aspect, but the deathier parts are pretty standard. Also included are a couple of slow doom-like tracks and some keyboards. Vocals are mostly low death growls but with variations and some higher screams. The overall theme is the atrocities of war and there are pictures in the inside cover that depict just how extremely gory war can be...

The Last Exit 1996-

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