Dark Waters Stir
(Solstitium Records - 1996)
With a chilling harshness to rival Darkthrone and other no-frill black metal bands of the same ilk, Isvind release a blackened maelstrom of venom and dark buzzing clouds designed to cast a primal spell of evil over the room. Such raw and uncommercial music together with a talented understanding of song structure, flow and dynamics is rarely seen. The sound and tempo changes when it has to, lets you dive deep into its dark chambers to experience subtle changes and development, and leads you by the hand all the way into its vision of bleak despair and unforgiving malice. Blast beats abound yet ironically, there is a subtle artform and development involved within this extreme form of expression once you dive in. The low production and harsh, uneven mix lend to the atmosphere as well, but in this case, the talented, dynamic and precise drumming did not deserve such a muddy treatment. The guitars with various harsh distortions and the typically raspy vocals are well delivered as well. Very highly recommended to fans of this style; keyboard and warm production devotees stay away.

The Last Exit 1996-

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