Limbonic Art

In Abhorrence Dementia
(Eclipse - 1997)
This album gives new meaning to the words dark and majestic. Epic, evil and symphonic with an original sound, this album is mostly consistent yet changes enough to keep you interested throughout. The dramatic keyboards are very predominant with the guitars just chugging along, or simply lending a harder sound to the music. The drums are electronic, and together with the keyboards, they give a more synthetic and 'fantasy' or 'cosmic' sound to the music instead of being a rough heavy powerhouse but this is done extremely well. The drumming is mostly insanely speedy, and the keyboards often quick and prancing with some very gripping synth-flutes. A few eerie or classical sounding keyboard sections and intros keep this album moving and as I said, the music changes enough to grab your interest. The tracks are all long and create an original and epic, dark soundscape. Vocals are mostly black, powerful and not-so-tame rasps but they use a variety of clean styles as well here and there that are ok, but not great. Maybe sometimes overly dramatic and more atmospheric than musical, but still a superb powerful album and recommended.

The Last Exit 1996-

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