Malevolent Creation

The Ten Commandments
(Roadrunner - 1991)
Conventional death metal but tight and well composed. The songs flow with a no-frills frenzy of riffs and rhythms - at times, obvious offshoots of thrash metal. They use brutality and strong riffs without disregarding the flowing composition of the music - an aspect often forgotten in this genre. There is also a very tight and solid feeling to the album. Guitar solos are actual solos that do something instead of being a chaotic collection of notes and they are played well, but they lack the powerful emotion of Death's solos. The drumming is exceptionally powerful with noticable talent in the blast beats. Vocals are mostly a rough, throaty growl a la Chuck Schuldiner, but at times sound like a cleaner thrash metal yell as well. Nothing extraordinary, but a very good, classic album nevertheless and a solid buy for death metal fans.

The Last Exit 1996-

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