Point Blank
(Roadrunner - 1994)
The famous side project with members from Sepultura, Fudge Tunnel and Fear Factory. Mix the aggression and strong guitar riffing from Sepultura, together with the industrial style of Fudge Tunnel and you have this album. The industrial/mechanical feel is dominant mainly due to the drum machine, but the death-style guitar riffs (often recognizably Sepultura), together with Max's vocals give it an edge usually unheard of in industrial music. The songs vary a lot, from grinding, gritty and thick romps, to slow, purely industrial machines, to aggressive poundings of anger. The drum machine is used on most of the tracks and very well. Max does most of the vocals with his usual rough yells, but they also use other effect-laden industrial-style voices at times. Some tracks I could do without, but altogether this is an interesting release and a good album.

The Last Exit 1996-

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