Cause of Death
(Roadrunner - 1991)
Having only had superficial listenings at stores and single tracks until now from this classic death metal band, I finally got myself a copy of supposedly their best CD. These are one of those bands that people seem to either worship or ignore. I guess I belong to the latter group. This is classic brutal death but with a slightly slower mood to it. The good parts here are the faster sections but before they can gather any momentum, the song just slows down or starts repeating itself. Taken by themselves, 1 or 2 tracks would be good but the whole album is way too repetitive and uninspired and loses me all the time. Comparisons to Death's Scream Bloody Gore can be made, only this album sounds dead - it desperately needs more dynamics. The one redeeming factor in this album is the lead guitar played by James Murphy, contributing many bright spots to the boring music. Vocals are brutally good yet even they start to sound repetitive due to the lack of range and dynamics. With so many better death bands today, I find no point in listening to this. A couple of good tracks maybe but the rest are boring.

The Last Exit 1996-

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