Legendary Tales
(CNR - 1997)
Perfect. All the good elements of Helloween, Angra, Blind Guardian, Yngwie Malmsteen and the rest of the melodic power metal bands put together. This is the apex of this genre, the quintessential album, the masterpiece. A perfect blend of power, speed, melody, metal anthems, neo-classical (played with real classical instruments) and medieval elements. Most of the tracks are grand, speedy and melodic and the rest offer dynamics and versatility in the form of battle hymns and medieval bardic tunes. No cheesy ballads or weak songs; the softer tracks and sections are all charming compositions. This is a powerful and soaring album, and the neo-classical sections in each song are beauties, enhancing the song tenfold. The vocals are strong, not too high, and guitar-work is great. Adrenalin-rush rhapsody indeed. Perfect!

The Last Exit 1996-

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