Sacred Reich

(Metal Blade - 1993)
A slightly different album from this almost 'classic' thrash band. This one has more of a feel of the 90's with an emphasis on power riffs and groove rather than on speed. It even sounds like a heavier version of Soundgarden at times. It starts off well with a heavy and strong sound, but after a couple of tracks it already gets tiresome and repetitive. Good bass and guitar solos, but the songs are rather uninspired mostly and don't do much for me. Many of them start well yet never develop further and I lose my interest after a minute or two. Drums are a little low in the mix and the clean throaty vocals have a good sound yet for some reason annoy me and also seem quite uninspired. The acoustic track in the middle serves as a good break from the boredom. They are a whole lot better when they play 80's speed/thrash metal.

The Last Exit 1996-

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