Swallowed in Black
(Roadrunner - 1990)
I'm tempted to call this the Deicide of thrash metal. Very speedy and technical thrash with very strong death elements and vocals bordering on a higher-pitched death growl. Although this album suffers from lack of variety, I hold that the precise technical riffing and speed make up for that very well and there are enough riffing and tempo changes to keep you going all the way through. Categorized under 'deathrash', this is an unrelenting speedy release with superb riffing and drumming. Although not groundbreaking in any way, this is great straightforward mosh-pit material. Guitar solos are almost in the chaotic death metal vein. Recommended for 80's thrash/speed metal fans (like me) that can never grow out of their aggressive rhythm-frenzy roots.

The Last Exit 1996-

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