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Outer Space is Just a Martini Away
(Metal Blade - 1996)
Hmm.. where do I start? Well, first of all what other people have been saying about this: this is a sort of progressive metal album that is very unique, with an alternative sound and cannot be described very well since they use so many different styles. This is one of those bands that you either hate or love. My impression: with all my other progressive listens, even if I don't like them at first I can sometimes detect something attractive that grows on me after a while. With this album I actually had to force myself to listen to it a second time and that's not a good sign. While most of the songs vary in styles, they have this one common thread: they have a metal heaviness to them but always with an 'alternative' tint that sounds sometimes punkish. There is something about them that makes me think of punk rock or bouncy ska only it's heavier of course. Other songs just are 'different' and indescribable. Just because you make weird sounding and whimsical arrangements and sound aggresive it doesnt make you a genius. While some people seem to find this album interesting and unique (and it is and it got good reviews) it didn't do anything for me and annoyed the crap out of me. Anyone who likes extremely creative absurdity should check this out though.

The Last Exit 1996-

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