Welcome My Last Chapter
(No Fashion - 1996)
A Dissection clone but with more melancholy moods, darkness and black metal. This should spell out some great music but it is actually a disappointing release. They use both moody, doom-ish elements and plenty of fast, melodic black metal, yet Vinterland have more of a heavy rather than a quick-on-its-feet, dynamic effect. Keyboards are used sparingly for atmospherics, the sound booms and shifts in speed often, the vocals are strong and harsh and even some rare acoustic interludes are used but all this is drowned in plodding, unoriginal riffs and wandering composition that seems to go on and on, getting nowhere. They aren't as adept with their instruments like Dissection either, and the songs all start drowning into sameness very fast. So although the music is melodic and gives the impression of being interesting, there just isn't any grip and I always feel that a lot is missing. A dead sounding album.

The Last Exit 1996-

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