A metal band that wavers between thrash and heavy metal with generous helpings of punk, hardcore and humor. Their music is mostly derivative, albeit unique in its crossover approach. But they are notorious for their antics on stage (and off it) involving outrageous costumes and props, live splatter effects, drenching the audience in various liquids including fake blood and sperm, random violence, obscenely humorous genital props and violence, over-the-top campy sci-fi themes and stories, and obscene or trashy humorous lyrics and trash-talk, all adding up to to some kind of deranged sci-fi-themed Wrestlemania with metal and gore. Their video releases are either live concerts, a chaotic mixture of live performances, gore, backstage antics and short skits, or live concert footage intercut with a sci-fi back-story, or actual movies with a semblance of a plot, only the last of which are reviewed here. Reviewed until 2016.

Of Some Interest

Phallus in Wonderland  
Gwar's first full-length 'movie' blends music and the story from the album "America Must Be Destroyed", satirizing the various social groups that attack them on moral grounds. Edna Granbo, an old hag, kidnaps Oderus Urungus's Cuttlefish of Cthulu (his penis), arguing against calling it a fish and demonstrating its obscenity in court. She then gathers together a morality squad to fight against Gwar, which includes a pervert priest and a mutant monster 'Tiny'. There's plenty of low-budget splatter that would look at home in a Peter Jackson home-made movie, priest pedophilia, graphic phallic and sperm antics, an animated monster penis, lots of fighting, and random scenes of mayhem, news reports, random skits, wild youth gone violent, bargain basement special effects, and trashy, obscene humor, all of which is so over-the-top and chaotic that it kinda entertains in a warped, trashy way.

Probably Gwar's most movie-oriented release with a full plot. An evil, manipulative corporation GlomCo tries to buy Gwar and turn them into cartoon characters and Sleazy P. Martini, their manager gives in after he's offered an obscene amount of money. Gwar massacre the executives, but the leader turns out to be Skulhedface, an alien monster-doctor-professor-mad-scientist that is trying to extract Jizmogoblin from all humans to erase their individuality, especially from Gwar. In the meantime, Gwar is feeding a giant world maggot with human sacrifices with the help of a tele-thon, in order to get the maggot to take them back home through space. Gwar is seduced by a man with a vagina for a face, battle with a giant Flesh Column consisting of body parts and fluids, provide commercials for products like a 'sperm-n-slide' backyard entertainment toy, tell the tale of their emergence on Earth, and turn into babies in a nonsensical alternative dimension. The splatter, trash-humor and body fluids fly freely.


Hack Job
See Gore.

It's Sleazy  
The Gwar troupe come back for a final video outing, this one in the form of a Springer-esque talk show led by GWAR's manager Sleazy P. Martini. The audience consists of heckling characters from previous movies, the theme, at first, is about how 'GWAR ruined my life', but then the band arrives and it's another typically chaotic show with random gore and trash. Marylin Manson and Elvis are skinned or disemboweled to the sound of various metal songs, a talking toilet-monster arrives on stage and the gang feed it various disgusting things, Scrotal with a scrotum on his chin wants to join the group, there's lots of trash-talk, a whimsical gory castration, and in between, some backstage groupie blowjob abuse, and commercials for pig tampons and a restaurant that offers crabs off a fat man's pubic hair.

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