Ryan Nicholson  

A special-effects expert who lends his skills to mainstream horror movies as well as for the August Underground team, and who also makes his own underground gory horror films with an especially nasty edge. His movies are usually exclusively populated with annoying, trashy and nasty people that do a variety of horrible things to each other. I suppose it is inevitable that someone like this would hop on the gornography bandwagon and eventually turn to plotless porno-splatter in 'Dead Nude Girls'. Reviewed until 2016. Died 2019.

Of Some Interest

Necrophagia: Nightmare Scenerios
See Gore.


Blood Feast (2016)
See Gore.

This is just getting boring and repetitive and Nicholson's movies seem to only be getting worse. This time, the parade of nasty violence revolves around an insane and huge mute bum with a traumatic past involving a priest. He worships Satan, and beats, kills, tears apart, rapes and eats anyone that crosses his path. It's really just an excuse for Nick Principe to deliver a demented performance as an animalistic psycho. A couple of 'hipsters' film him on their mobiles while his victims line up: A couple of cops, one of them female, a drug dealer, his slutty cousin, and his sidekick, some loser drug-addict, random prostitutes and a pregnant woman. Bodies are torn apart and eaten, there's torture by knife, lots of rape, a disembowelment, etc. Principe goes nuts, but the others and the writing never even get remotely convincing, so besides being pointless, it is also inept.

Nicholson directs yet another horrible slasher full of horrible people. This time it's a bunch of horny jerks and bitches in a high-school taking part in a 'famine' campaign and getting themselves killed one by one. The terribly over-acting actors behave in the most obnoxious ways with the most unnatural dialog this side of a juvenile mind that watched one too many horror and porn movies. As the mysterious killer stalks, blood, tampons and sperm fly, and the kill scenes all go as far over-the-top as they can, with geysers of blood from throat-cutting, dismemberment, acid, head-cooking, nipple-slicing, and so on. You would be hard-pressed to find an audience for something this painfully bad with the gore, but releasing a cut version without the gore is just suicidal.

Like Intruder, this sets a slasher movie in an unusual single location (a bowling alley) then revs up the creative splatter. But Nicholson adds other odds and ends as well: Nasty genital slicing gore, bowling balls used graphically in all body orifices, over-the-top kills, a pornographic sex scene, and a start that looks like its going to be a rape/revenge movie with a long nasty rape scene ripped out of The Accused. The fodder for the kills in this case features a range of trashy, extremely annoying people ranging from macho jerks from hell and immature perverts, to bitchy sluts and trailer skanks. Annoying nastiness.

Nicholson's nastiest piece of work yet, with a never ending parade of ugliness, filth, nastiness, splatter and x-rated sleaze. This is a world where everyone is made to look as ugly as possible with skin special effects and prosthetics, and where every character is perverse and violent in extreme ways. A whore, a pimp, a pervert killer, their deformed aborted son, a deformed Asian with a fetish for tampons, a sodomite rapist, and various other characters bash against each other against a backdrop of dirt, mud, trash, and porn. Amidst the scenes, there is an explicit abortion with a coat hanger, explicit deformed gay rape, various head-crushing splatter scenes, gory torture, and other niceties. What's funny is that they also released an incomprehensible cut version of this which is the equivalent of taking out all of the sex scenes from a porno movie.

Live Feed  
A group of people visiting China visit a sleazy, filthy porno entertainment facility and find themselves up against nasty criminals who torture and kill for pleasure. Huge amounts of blood splatter, slicings, decapitations, cannibalism, and a nasty scene with a tube, a snake and a stapler. The movie somewhat delivers on nasty horror I suppose, but the characters are annoying, stupid and never believable, undermining the horror, the acting is bad, and the editing is terrible.

Petite Mort II, La
See Gore.

Star Vehicle (AKA Bleading Lady)  
A slasher movie inside a slasher movie, and, unusually for Nicholson, this one contains some light tongue-in-cheek humor about filming low-budget horror movies. An annoying director hires a scream-queen, and an aggressive van driver who is a tad obsessed with the leading lady. Many things annoy the driver to no end, resulting in fits of brutal violence and murders. There is also a stalker, and the director keeps bashing heads with the driver, who has his own ideas on how to make a good horror movie. The gore and nastiness are restrained by Nicholson's standards, but there is still plenty of scenes involving blood-spraying kills, beheading, throat-ripping, and castration. The lead actor is pretty good, but the rest aren't. The humor almost makes this movie watchable, but in the end, I just felt like I watched two bad slasher movies.

Half-length sick movie about a girl who gets raped, captures her rapist, tortures him for weeks with needles, a blowtorch and various medical goodies, then goes insane and starts a splatter rampage. Amateurish extreme sickness, and basically a simple rape-revenge movie that only offers a bunch of sick special effects and graphically gruesome genital torture. Also included in the painfully bad and messy anthology movie 'Hell Hath No Fury' and is by far the sickest and goriest segment there, although the anthology does have one other dumb short featuring hypnosis and a sick rape scene involving a gunshot wound.

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